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Specializing in Mood Disorders, Psychotherapy and Adolescent Mental Health

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy may be for anyone who has been newly diagnosed with a mental or emotional disorder, is experiencing emotional disturbances, grief, other psychological challenges, or seeking adjunctive therapy to medication management. You, your child, or a dependent spouse may need someone to talk to about the difficulties that are interrupting their ability to live, laugh and love. Frequently triggered by stress, symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders can improve with talk therapy.


During a one-on-one session with your provider, you will explore various techniques to help you regain control of your thoughts, behavior, and approach to coping with stress and life’s disappointments. Through techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPT) and the therapeutic use of self, your therapist can become your trusted agent and partner in your care, as you navigate your way through internal conflicts, emotional distress, relational conflicts, or maladaptive coping mechanisms.

Mood Disorders

A mood disorder is a mental health condition that affects a person’s emotional state. From day-to-day, changes in mood are normal depending upon life’s circumstances and situations. With Mood Disorder, however, the extreme highs and lows can be disruptive. A person’s behavior may be unpredictable or negatively affect the person’s ability to function in or around others, at home, work, or school. Some common mood disorders include depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. To receive a diagnosis, a person must be assessed by a mental health care provider.


During your intake visit, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation, which lasts approximately 60 minutes. During this time, your provider will take the time to get to know you by hearing your story and address your most concerning symptoms. As a partner in your care, we work together as a team to identify your emotional and mental health goals, in addition to discussing the best treatment options for you. In addition to medication management of mood disorders, we can provide individual counseling via in-person* or telepsychiatry visits.

*We provide optional in-person visits for Texas residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


This emerging area of virtual or telemedicine in the field of mental health specializations, is platform used to provide mental health services, where you are, eliminating the need to travel to meet with your provider. The use of telepsychiatry services increases flexibility in scheduling without compromising the quality of your care or encounter with your provider.


All routine services, including Tempus DNA genetic testing, can be done from the comfort of home, work or school. During the initial evaluation visit*, your our licensed and trained psychiatric professional will assess your needs and design a customized treatment plan to help you feel your best. After the initial evaluation, you will have the option to schedule follow-up appointments for medication management and/or individual therapy, as a telepsychiatry visit*. The secure two-way video access is HIPAA Compliant and approved by insurance.


*We provide optional in-person visits for Texas residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Life and Career Coaching

A Life and Career coach or wellness coaching uses a combination of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, and other non-drug options to encourage your personal progress. Together, you will organize your thoughts in a collaborative journal. Then, through open discussion you will plan and prepare to move forward. Next, you will develop self-management techniques that support actionable, attainable goals. Finally, your coach will help you to establish personal accountability as you continue to succeed in realizing your goals.


You may be ready to move your life or career from dreaming to doing. You may benefit from having a coach to help you maintain your motivation. Sometimes, everyone needs an accountability partner to offer objective support and help them discover personal strengths, recognize self worth/value, and become empowered. Adult responsibilities can be overwhelming due to uncertainty, but by working with a wellness coach, you will discover how to design an action plan for your personal and professional fulfillment.

Tempus® Pharmacogentic Testing

The Tempus xG test helps aid in the prescribing process, especially at a time when patients most certainly want to decrease their risk for adverse events and potential hospital visits. What makes Tempus uniquely different is that they offer a truly one-time test with the collection of whole exome sequencing (20,000 genes) and over 100 medications.


Tempus also has a Financial Assistance Program to help provide access to genetic testing for all patients. Approval of the financial assistance application is based on your household income and takes into account all life circumstances. Through this program, most applicants who qualify for financial assistance pay between $0–$100. Patients can apply by pressing the following link for an instant decision: access.tempus.com. Tempus also accepts testing for patients who have no medical coverage as well.


To speak directly with a Tempus agent about financial assistance, please call 800-739-4137 to discuss your options.


Learn more about Tempus at www.tempus.com


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based Program


The COPE program is a structured, evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) based program designed to assist children, adolescents, and young adults to manage symptoms of depression and anxiety by teaching them skills to help them stop negative thoughts and begin to replace them with more positive thoughts, which in turn impacts how they feel and behave.


The COPE program is 7-session manual-based program that is delivered in-office* or virtually by the provider. It uses brief, easy to follow sessions and skill-building activities, which covey that there is hope for change and that both depression and anxiety are treatable.


Sessions are be provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Learn more about the COPE program by visiting www.cope2thrive.com

*We provide optional in-person visits for Texas residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

CBS Cognitive Assessment

Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS) Health Cognitive Assessment (Patient Guide)


Using a leading cognitive assessment platform, CBS Health, we will quickly measure brain health. These measures are used to assess, monitor, and manage core areas of cognition to ensure that your treatment is on the right track. The tasks only take a few minutes to complete. Your health efforts will be even more successful now that you can easily and objectively track how your brain is responding to treatment. A sample CBS Health report is available here.

To get started as part of your treatment, sign up for a consultation and baseline assessment, or if you’re already enrolled, ask your practitioner about how to incorporate cognitive assessments.

Try a sample assessment here.

*We provide optional in-person visits for Texas residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.